Life As A Student: 5 Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Balance

Hi everyone, I am proud to announce today’s guest blog post by author, Lucinda Curran. Enjoy! Gina  Being a student is such an exciting time – the buzz of learning new information, making new friends and discovering more about yourself all make it memorable. Yet, there is the pressure, the timetables and the deadlines… MakingContinue reading “Life As A Student: 5 Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Balance”

Five Tips for Prospective College Students

Attending college is a big decision. Here are five good tips for starting your college research early: Get a practical sense for what it’s like to be on campus. I always advise prospective students to visit a college before applying. Find the most convenient parking lots and investigate how much it costs to park inContinue reading “Five Tips for Prospective College Students”

Writing and Editing Today’s Newsletter

Welcome to my quarterly newsletter! Four times a year, you will receive educational tips, advice, and inspiration—all for free if you are a subscriber! The Fall 2013 semester is upon us. The phones at Admissions and Records where I work are abuzz with the questions of students and parents asking about logging in, adding classes,Continue reading “Writing and Editing Today’s Newsletter”