Optimize Your Professional Networking Connections with LinkedIn

Hi everyone, LinkedIn is a social network that allows professionals to connect to each other, display recommendations by co-workers, and participate in discussions through interest groups. How can you create a professional profile that will attract the attention of recruiters and potential employers? I attended a presentation by Gigi Simmons, a Human Resources Business Partner atContinue reading “Optimize Your Professional Networking Connections with LinkedIn”

Spotlight on Success: D’vorah Lansky Interviewed Me!

Hi everyone, I’m proud to announce that marketing entrepreneur, D’vorah Lansky, interviewed me for her Spotlight on Success this week! To listen to the audio recording of the interview, please go to the following link: Virtual Book Tour Success Story. In this recording and in my guest blog post on D’vorah’s site, http://www.BecomeaCelebrityAuthor.com, you’ll learn: HowContinue reading “Spotlight on Success: D’vorah Lansky Interviewed Me!”

Four Ways to Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Book

Hi everyone, I’m proud to announce that I’m hosting a guest article, “Four Ways to Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Book,” on my business website, http://www.WritingandEditingToday.com. Don’t forget to enter your email to claim your Top Ten Career Tips! Debra’s professional credits include: Producer of the Secrets of The Millionaire Woman audio series, in which extraordinaryContinue reading “Four Ways to Leverage Social Media to Promote Your Book”