Traveling Home

Day seventeen, Mick and I said goodbye to our friends at the Aussie Hut: John and Roxie, Ian and V, and Jake and Natalie. The Aussie couple who owned the place, Charlie and Paul, called us a taxi. I took one last moment in the hammock before we had to go. Mick had an appointmentContinue reading “Traveling Home”


Traveling and the Elderly

Day ten in Costa Rica, Mick and I caught the bus to spend some time with the newlyweds and their family. We accidentally overshot our bus stop while Mick was enjoying a good book. We were about to walk back, but a friendly Tico picked us up and allowed us to hitch hike. He droppedContinue reading “Traveling and the Elderly”

John and Roxie’s Wedding

Day six came with the arrival of the event that brought us to Costa Rica: John and Roxie’s wedding. We drove to the venue, Tambor Tropical. We were early enough to watch some of the set up. Despite some rain clouds rolling in, the ceremony turned out wonderful. Immediately after the ceremony, it began toContinue reading “John and Roxie’s Wedding”