Get your FREE Book Marketing Challenge Pass to Read my Guest Article!

Hi everyone, I’m so proud to announce that a guest article I wrote about WordPress blogs has been featured in marketing expert, D’vorah Lansky’s Book Marketing Challenge this week. I received over 90 comments on the article and have had a chance to network with a group of writers. I am also honored to beContinue reading “Get your FREE Book Marketing Challenge Pass to Read my Guest Article!”

Spotlight on Success: D’vorah Lansky Interviewed Me!

Hi everyone, I’m proud to announce that marketing entrepreneur, D’vorah Lansky, interviewed me for her Spotlight on Success this week! To listen to the audio recording of the interview, please go to the following link:┬áVirtual Book Tour Success Story. In this recording and in my guest blog post on D’vorah’s site,, you’ll learn: HowContinue reading “Spotlight on Success: D’vorah Lansky Interviewed Me!”