Lucinda Curran Upcoming Interview on Change Your Life Radio!

I everyone, I’m excited to announce that my very talented friend, Lucinda Curran, will be interviewing me on her blog talk radio show, Change Your Life, during this April’s focus topic: Get Your Life Back on Track. Check out this video about the event and mark your calendar. Lucinda will be interviewing me Friday, April 11thContinue reading “Lucinda Curran Upcoming Interview on Change Your Life Radio!”

Optimize Your Professional Networking Connections with LinkedIn

Hi everyone, LinkedIn is a social network that allows professionals to connect to each other, display recommendations by co-workers, and participate in discussions through interest groups. How can you create a professional profile that will attract the attention of recruiters and potential employers? I attended a presentation by Gigi Simmons, a Human Resources Business Partner atContinue reading “Optimize Your Professional Networking Connections with LinkedIn”

Five Career Search Tips to Help You Find Your Target Job Opportunities

Would you like to know how to find a job in your targeted industry? What would a career consultant advise about job hunting in today’s challenging economic climate? I had the privilege of attending a presentation given by Career Consultant, Stephanie LaPlace on September 17, 2013. Stephanie works for Lee Hecht Harrison, the global leaderContinue reading “Five Career Search Tips to Help You Find Your Target Job Opportunities”

Exclusive Interview with Deborah Schneider, “Should You Really Be a Lawyer?”

Hi everyone, I’m proud to announce that my Virtual Book Tour will conclude with an exclusive interview of Deborah Schneider, author  of Should You Really Be a Lawyer: The Guide to Smart Career Choices Before, During and After Law School. To find out more about the book, please go to The conference call will take place on Sunday,Continue reading “Exclusive Interview with Deborah Schneider, “Should You Really Be a Lawyer?””

Changing Names in a Memoir

Hi everyone, When I was drafting my memoir, Tales of a Law School Dropout, I came upon a dilemma once I was ready to publish my book–should I change the names of my friends to protect their identities and privacy? What if they wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore after I wrote about them? WhatContinue reading “Changing Names in a Memoir”

My Virtual Book Tour Travels to Turn Your Book into a Business

Hi everyone, I’m proud to announce that today my virtual book tour travels to the website of Corine LaFont, a talented entrepreneur who helps authors publish and market their books. She is the only certified author assistant in the Caribbean, and and I would never have connected with her if it wasn’t for D’vorah Lansky’sContinue reading “My Virtual Book Tour Travels to Turn Your Book into a Business”

Can My College Help Me Find a Career?

Hi everyone, It’s commencement time! Many students are graduating high school and college and are looking forward to finding their dream jobs. Luckily, most colleges offer some kind of career services department to assist students in this endeavor. If you’re a recent grad, don’t wait until too long after graduation to update your resume andContinue reading “Can My College Help Me Find a Career?”

Virtual Book Tour Blog Posts!

Hi everyone, My Virtual Book Tour is well under way, and recently I traveled to the blog of Jacci Turner, a talented Young Adult writer who I met through my writers group, the High Sierra Writers. She gave a passionate presentation on building a platform, so I was excited when she agreed to feature oneContinue reading “Virtual Book Tour Blog Posts!”

How to Navigate a College Career Fair

How do you make the most of a College Career Fair? UNR just had its Career and Internship Fair on April 4th. There were plenty of students and employers to chat with, but how can students make the most of a career fair with so many potential employers to choose from? Here are a fewContinue reading “How to Navigate a College Career Fair”