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“Tales of a Law School Dropout” is a nail-biting story about going down the wrong career path for all the right reasons. Everything Gina wanted out of life seemed to hinge on becoming a lawyer–helping people, gaining prestige, and earning a competitive salary. She is even accepted into the only law school program in Nevada. But as her world turns inside out, she fights to navigate the pressure of higher education while she is encumbered by a crazy roommate and cascading self-esteem. Would it be considered a failure to give up? Or is admitting that you aren’t supposed to be a lawyer truly a failure?

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Whether you are looking for admissions advice or are just wanting to be entertained by a good read, you’ve come to the right place!

Table of Contents 

Ch. 1: Cultivating the Dream

Ch. 2: Getting In

Ch. 3: The Big Move

Ch. 4: Orientation

Ch. 5: Day One

Ch. 6: Classes

Ch. 7: Briefing

Ch. 8: The Socratic Method

Ch. 9: Competition

Ch. 10: Guardian Angel

Ch. 11: Legal Writing

Ch. 12: Outlining

Ch. 13: The Midterm

Ch. 14: The Fall

Ch. 15: Too Little, Too Late

Ch. 16: Thanksgiving

Ch. 17: Counseling

Ch. 18: Finals- Prep

Ch. 19: The Final Push

Ch. 20: The Decision

Ch. 21: The Fallout

Ch. 22: Too Nice to be a Lawyer

Ch. 23: The Move Back to Reno

Ch. 24: What Next?

Ch. 25: A New Start, A New Dream

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