About the Author

Gina Akao (Gina Noel Decker) holds a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Higher Educational Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno. She earned a scholarship to attend the Boyd School of Law in Las Vegas, Nevada’s sole law school, in the fall of 2006. Gina endured four months of law school, and became the curve-breaker in her legal writing class, before deciding to apply her talents to her passion: education. She works in college administration, is a member of High Sierra Writers, and offers tech consulting services. Every once and a while, Gina offers editing services. Gina plays classical piano and has instructed private piano lessons for many years. Recordings of her vlogs and piano performances can be found on YouTube.

In September 2020, Gina tested positive for COVID-19 and suffered from Long Hauler symptoms, but began to share her prayer journal daily. It is her hope that somewhere in these blog entries, you will find encouragement and hope.

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