Prayer Devotional: Day 275

As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him. – Psalms 103:13 NIV

Father’s Day can be bittersweet for those of us whose dads have passed away, but our Heavenly Father is worthy of celebration, too. When we are tempted to complain, we can thank our Heavenly Father instead.

Henry Akao, my dad, was a man of few words, but when he chose to speak, it was with intention. I get my Japanese work ethic from him, as well as my technical side and drive to excel academically. I also get my love of Star Trek and all things related to space exploration from my dad. I get my sense of determination and ethical integrity from my dad.

My dad used to say, “Study hard; get an A; become an astronaut.” It was his way of saying “shoot for the stars.”

My dad had a wry sense of humor. After my sister and I got pet bunnies, he said, “Throw them in the pot.” We remind my son what Grandpa Henry said about bunnies.

My husband is a great father to my four-year-old son. We affectionately call my son a “Daddy’s boy” because they have so much in common. They both have commanding voices, tons of energy, and a heart for people.

Happy Father’s day to all of you out there today, and may you have peace and ease. Amen.

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