Prayer Devotional: Day 137

For no word from God will ever fail.” – Luke 1:37 NIV

Today, on moving day two on our way to New Mexico, my husband decided to stop in Moab, Utah so that we could enjoy some sightseeing at Arches National Park.

Although we had driven by before, this was the first time we had driven through the national park to see the spectacular, sculpted pillars of sandstone and the clay-colored arches formed by wind and erosion.

It was a little daunting to imagine what the Native Americans must have felt when the salt layers below some of the towering castles of sandstone failed, causing massive boulders to fall.

When God creates a rock castle, it’s best to get out of the way. God’s Word stands on a strong foundation, and Jesus is our rock. He is our infallible Savior. Amen.

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