Prayer Devotional: Day 105

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. – Ephesians 4:32 NIV

An incredible blessing and answer to prayer came yesterday when Idaho State University approved my request to work remotely through the rest of the academic year while my husband, son, and I move to New Mexico!

Although the pandemic has brought on many stressors, it has also brought on an advancement in how we work together online, when only in-person work had been accepted previously.

This new flexibility has also come with its own set of work-life balance challenges.

As I was ending my workday while working from a hotel yesterday, my toddler decided to throw a royal tantrum because he didn’t want to get dressed before dinner. Because my husband and I are potty training him still, we sometimes let him get away with parading around in underwear, but that, of course, is not acceptable for dining out! I counted to three and when my toddler still refused to get dressed, I got him dressed whether he liked it or not. This showdown resulted in streaming tears on the toddler side and frustrated impatience on my end.

My husband met us in the hotel hallway and my son loudly announced, “Mom is being mean to me!”

Luckily with my husband there to hear out both sides and meditate the situation, the tantrum subsided and we were able to go to dinner.

By that evening, my son had sweetly fell asleep while leaning on my shoulder as if all was forgiven.

Parenting during the pandemic takes extra forgiveness and patience. When I was working on campus, I had a more obvious boundary of when my work ended and my one-on-one time with my child began.

We have to forgive ourselves and realize that next time we can do better. The Lord knows that we have frustrations, yet He still listens to us attentively. We can practice composure during stressful times and instead of losing our tempers, remember that Jesus modeled forgiveness for us! Amen.

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