Prayer Devotional: Day 4

If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. – Deuteronomy 28:1 NIV

When my son follows the instructions I give him, I praise his efforts. Likewise, when we follow God’s law, He is pleased with us. Not because we are trying to earn our way into heaven by doing good deeds, but rather because He can tell how much we love Him when we follow Him.

God’s law is not a burden on us. It is there for a reason: to strengthen and to guide us.

When the Lord rewards us, it is not necessarily with wealth and prestige, although sometimes He does give His faithful servants prosperity.

The Lord has many ways of setting us above. For example, He gives us freedom of speech. He does not command us to follow laws like a taskmaster. He allows us to choose each day whom we shall serve. Following Him is always a great choice. Amen.

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