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Prayer Journal: Day 278

Day 278

And he shall snatch on the right hand and be hungry; He shall devour on the left hand and not be satisfied. – Isaiah 9:20 NKJV

Several times the children of Israel did not obey God and were punished. They went hungry, they went into captivity, and they complained constantly.

When we find ourselves complaining and feeling unsatisfied, we can remember that God has given us a covenant. He doesn’t break His promises. It is our choice to accept Him and follow Him with all our heart.

The Lord can prosper our students, clients, and family. 

He brings about miracles.

My mom, who is 79 years old, was able to get the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. My husband pulled through his hernia surgery, and I had enough energy to take care of our toddler. God provides what we need just when we need it. Amen.

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  1. Rita Akao says:

    Praise the Lord , Gina

    God has blessed us more than we ask or think!



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