What Would Have Been My Dad’s 82nd Birthday

Today would have been the 82nd birthday of my dad, Henry, Jacob Henry’s namesake. When I look at Jacob, I see a little bit of my dad sometimes. My dad was hard working and intelligent, and he cared deeply about his family. I miss him terribly, but he has made me the person I am today and he continues to influence the way I live my life. I wrote my dad’s eulogy after he passed away 3/14/16 after his 12-year battle with Alzheimer’s, and although he is not here to celebrate his birthday today, he’s with me in my heart. My dad really liked shirts, especially blue ones, and we had an ongoing joke that when we gave him with his birthday present, I would say, “Here’s your present, and it’s not a shirt.” It almost always was a shirt. This year I can say it’s not a shirt…it’s a grandkid! https://ginaakao.com/2016/03/27/a-eulogy-for-my-dad/

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