Day 15: San Gimignano, Greve, and Montecatini

We had a 6:30am wake-up call to leave Siena and go to San Gimignano, a rural town whose hills are featured in the background of the Mona Lisa. I hadn’t slept because of the cold I had managed to catch. I stayed away from the cookies and opted for eggs, ham, cheese, pears, peaches, and a fruit filled croissant. 

We boarded the bus and our driver, Ferdi, took us to the Tuscany region where we tried two types of red wine. Before the wine tasting we enjoyed the garden and area where you can rent castle rooms and have weddings. 

Steve and I are not big on wine but tasted the Chanti Classico wines.

We had some free time to explore the shops and take in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. 

We enjoyed lunch at a cafe where I ordered rice with saffron and parmigiano cheese. 

After lunch we boarded the bus and headed to our hotel in Montecatini.

Because of my cold we opted out of the Tuscan dinner with the tour group and happened upon a small five star restaurant that served hand made fresh pasta with vegetables. 

I was too full to finis my second course but took my meatballs to go.

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  1. Hope you cold will be better soon. I bet you can find some good chicken soup in Italy! The food photos you post look so delicious. I love you, Mom

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