Day 14: Orvieto and Siena

Steve and I departed from Rome on our tour bus and headed for Orvieto, where we visited a beautiful limestone cathedral. 

We paid four euros to see inside, where it was very cold.

After the cathedral we grabbed lunch. I had a pizza with tomorrow sauce and lots of garlic, hoping that the garlic would scare away my cold.

We did some shopping and met a store owner who proudly showed us that his antique store is listed in Rick Steve’s guide book and that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick had visited. We bought a gift and wandered to the next attraction, a church dedicated to Saint Catherine, whose scull was kept inside the church as a relic after she was martyred. Our tour guide explained that Catherine had taken a vow of silence for 5 years and dedicated her life to helping the poor.

We were not allowed to take pictures of the alter where the skull was displayed behind a golden mask of Catherine’s head.

We traveled to Siena and visited the square where horse races take place twice a year.

Dinner was included with our Cosmos tour, so at 6:30pm we headed to the restaurant and enjoyed a meal that started with bread and olive oil and beef and cheese. Next was a delicious spaghetti with cream sauce and carrots.

The main course was beef with cauliflower, carrots and onions. 

I enjoyed my ricotta and chocolate chip cake for dessert and got to know three ladies from Houston who sat across from us at the dinner table. Two worked in HR and one was a cousin along for the trip.

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  1. So very nice Gina, You have seen enough beautiful memories for a life time. The food always looks amazing! Enjoy!!!

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