Day 9: Return to Rome

Today was our last day on our Costa Cruise, so Steve and I checked out and had breakfast. 

I took one last picture of Civitavecchia from our balcony. I definitely enjoyed my Costa Cruise and would recommend it. The ship was kept immaculate and the food was the best I have had in a very long time.

After we disembarked we had an hour wait until our airport driver was scheduled to pick us up. During the wait I listened to a sitting meditation that I purchased a while back when I was still working at University of Nevada, Reno. The class was called the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program, and the instructor, Colleen, had spent time in Italy while she was developing her role in the program. In Italy, the people eat mindfully, careful to savor each bite. As the meditation goes, “We only have this breath, and this one, and this one. You cannot be in a future breath or a past breath.” Nondoing is an art, and I need to get better at being in the present because thoughts and negatively can easily overtake my life and keep me unhappy. I know my dad would want me to be joyful and although there is no cure for grief nor a way to hurry it up to make it go away, I can do the best to make my life full.

Antonio, our cab driver showed up and gave us an informal tour of Civitavecchia to the heart of Rome. His English was good and he told us where to get the best pizza, pasta, and wine. He pointed out the vineyards. 

He even told us which days were the best if you wanted to see the pope and avoid the crowds. I asked him if he has ever been to America, and he said no because it is expensive to travel and he doesn’t have time. He works till 9pm most days and just has enough time to eat and go to bed. I told him I play piano and he said he would love to learn piano and drums but has no free time. He said it is his dream to go to San Francisco and listen to Jazz. He said that I am a lucky girl because I have had time to learn an instrument. I never really thought of it that way, but leave it to a driver in Italy to tell me to focus on my gifts instead of working away my time here on earth. When my dad died I was waiting to see him take the next breath. That breath never came. So why should I continue to stress myself out about trivial things, when my time here is limited too? I spent most of lunch fretting over a client email until I decided to stand my ground and not let work overtake my honeymoon with Steve. Both of us work too much already. We deserve to enjoy every minute of our time away. Steve has a cold but soldiers on.

We walked dangerously along a busy freeway, which had an interesting statue of Romulus and Remus at the beginning of the bridge.

Around 3pm we found a park with a vendor who served paninis, hot chocolate, and tea.

Steve found on the map how to get back via the pedestrian bridge. The Italian flag was proudly displayed at the end of the bridge.

We finished our walk after 8 miles. I stopped to have Steve take a picture of me in front of a private villa guarded by an angel of stone. A pleasant reminder the angels are watching over us!

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