Day 8: At Sea, Return to Civitavecchia, Italy

The last day of our Costa Cruise didn’t include any ports, so Steve and I went directly to breakfast, where we enjoyed talking to a nice couple from London. They told us their names were Theresa and Bill and they had two adult children, a girl and a boy, but no grandchildren. 

Around 10am, there was an opportunity to paint plates, so Theresa, Bill, and I participated while Steve went back to the cabin to nap. We’ve deemed his allergies a cold by now so I am steering clear.

I attempted to paint a fresco I had seen in Savona, with not much luck because my paint brush was too big.

Lunch started with egg pasta. 

Fried pork chop.


And coffee and chocolate cake.

Before the 4 o’clock meeting explaining the procedures on how to disembark, I went back up to the balcony to catch a bead-making activity. 

Steve and I had purchased portraits from the ship’s photographers the previous day.

At sea, we passed an island, Sargedna. 

Dinner started with mushroom pie.



And best of all, a cannoli!

The chef gifted everyone champagne as a goodbye present. Most everyone dressed up for the gala dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed my Costa Cruise with Steve and would jump to do it again!

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