Day 5: Marseille, France

The fifth day of our honeymoon dawned and was the first rainy day we have had all week.

Steve and I took the bus in for some shopping but since it is the weekend, most of the stores were closed. We wandered about, unable to find a map in English, and passed several graffiti clad buildings before finding our way to the mall.

I got my eyebrows plucked and found the perfect pair of black wedges. 

We had crepes for lunch.

It started to rain so we left the mall and returned to the ship around 2pm so we would have time to enjoy the hot tub. The water wasn’t hot but was still nice after walking 7 miles the previous day.

The view from the balcony gave us a nice shot of the Marseille sign.

Dinner started with grilled vegetables with cream. 


And chicken with fried polenta.

Dessert included a Florentino pastery.

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