Day 3: La Spezia 

Cinque Terre was the reason why Steve and I booked the cruise, since the land tour didn’t include it but I had pinned it on Pinterest when I first started to plan our trip.

We had a sugary breakfast at the buffet. 

At port we disembarked and found free Internet to post yesterday’s blog post. I don’t think my pictures went through. 

Steve checked his work email and learned that Ken, the nice old man who used to volunteer at the front desk of Family Support Council, passed away. We were surprised and saddened because we had visited Ken in the hospital for weeks and last we saw him, he had passed his swallow test and was scheduled to go home in a month. We didn’t say goodbye because we told him we’d see him after our honeymoon in Italy.

Email aside, Steve and I continued through the park and did some shopping. 

I bought a black dress, some tops, and underwear. 

There was a street pianist playing opera songs.

We  encountered a park with a cool statue.

And a cannon.

By afternoon we were tired so we returned to the ship for a nap. We awoke and I changed into my new dress for the evening. 

The view from our balcony was beautiful. 

Dinner included another three course meal, starting with veggies, served cold. 

A delicious cheese soup.

Egg pasta.

And a blueberry mousse.

Steve  enjoyed a chocolate and vanilla mousse.

By evening we found our way to the top floor to see the ship depart.

We wandered downstairs and found a chocolate fountain! 

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