Day 2: Civitavecchia

Steve and I headed back to the airport for the Costa Cruise pickup area. I stopped to have a baggette with tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese. 

We had an hour to kill so I got a haircut at the airport. The hairdresser spoke no English so I showed how much I wanted cut from the length of my hair with my fingers. I was surprised that the haircut and style cost $70.

From there we took a bus to the port where our cruise awaited. We passed several farms and fields with cows.

After our check in, we found our room on the 6th floor. 

Steve studied the maps and we wandered around the floors until we located the one with our restaurant. We checked out the view from the deck.

Dinner was a three-course meal that started with gnocchi and artichoke. 

I ordered veal next.

Steve and I noticed that the ship left the port around 7 pm. Dessert came, which included chocolate! Steve has been on the Atkins diet, but smiled big when dessert arrived. 

I  enjoyed a piece of ricotta cheesecake with chocolate chips.

I went to bed around 8pm, tired but content. 

Internet costs 25 cents per minute, so I decided to draft my blog posts and save them until we are able to find somewhere with Internet when the cruise stops the next day.

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