Day 1: Rome

Steve and I have been married for a year and a half, but now we can finally afford to go on our honeymoon in Italy, March 7th through 27th! I feel like we have earned the break.

My dad died of Alzheimer’s on March 14th of last year, and between the grief of losing him and the stress of my business, I really need a vacation. I’m so grateful Steve and I made it to Rome safely.

Our flight from JFK to Rome was long, but I watched two movies on the way there (Bridget Jones’ Baby and Date Night). I also started reading Uma Girish’s book, Losing Amma, Finding Home. I am friends with the author, and she instant messaged me on Facebook after I had posted how I have been struggling with grief and insomnia now that the one-year mark of my dad’s passing is approaching. I saw him die and was traumatized. For months I had nightmares and on the nights I did sleep, I woke up around 2:44 AM, the time he died.

This delayed honeymoon reminds me that every moment counts.

When we landed in Rome, I could feel the exhaustion of the long flight but was relieved we finally made it.

Tonight Steve and I ate dinner at the restaurant at the Hilton Garden Inn. I ordered rice pasta and Roma tomatoes, which was delicious! 

Steve ordered steak, cooked to perfection. I was amused to see a picture of the Joker from Batman framed on the wall behind Steve.

Tomorrow we begin our cruise!

One thought on “Day 1: Rome

  1. How wonderful that you made it safely to Rome. I am so happy for you.Trying to move through the grief of daddy at this point is most certainly a challenge. Daddy always wanted to take us to Italy when you graduated. Now you are there.How fitting, Daddy would be proud of you and would smile and want you to have the best time of your life ever!

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