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Party Time in Costa Rica

Just when I was thinking we would experience no conflict during our Costa Rica trip, day four came. The bachelorette party was scheduled to happen at noon at a local spa, but once all the girls arrived at the spa and ordered 20 pedicures, the staff told us we would have to wait four hours, despite having made reservations 3 weeks in advance. The bride was not pleased, so we ended up canceling most of our services and toured the resort instead. We found a peacock just hanging out on the lawn.


Next we encountered parrots in cages.


After the spa, we went back to a resort where some of the wedding party was staying and hung out on the beach.


By evening, we could see storm clouds rolling in.


And sure enough, by the time that the party was at its peak, buckets of rain were coming down. I had gotten an email from my mom that my dad had a high fever, so I was getting worried and wanted to go back to our hotel, but it was impossible to get a cab. We decided to walk back along the beach, but by nightfall, a walk along the beach turned out to be the first of the adventures of Jungle Gina.

Mick and I had headlamps, but it was high tide, and we knew there was a creek that flowed into the ocean ahead. We had passed it that morning during daylight, but at nighttime, it presented new dangers. I was about to head back and walk along the road, which would have been twice as long, but Mick and I ran into some quicksand. We managed to escape and walked towards the waves, where the water seemed more shallow. We took off our flip flops and crossed at a slow shuffle until the water reached waist height. I almost lost a flip flop, but luckily it resurfaced in the sand. I’m the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to lost things.

We made it back to our hotel safely but learned the next day that the creek we crossed had crocodiles in it!

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