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Tambor Beach

Day three in Costa Rica, Mick and I enjoyed a complimentary breakfast at our hotel and then headed to the beach on foot. It was hot, but overcast, so the walk was pretty enjoyable. We encountered a huge ant nest on the way.


The local flowers are absolutely stunning.


Once we arrived at the beach, I was surprised how warm the water felt. It’s the same Pacific Ocean we know, but the water was so much warmer than  what we were accustomed to in California. Besides one other person, we had the beach to ourselves.


We walked until we happened upon a resort, the quintessential paradise. Grass huts and everything.


There’s mostly American food on the menu at our hotel, so we had hamburgers for dinner.


We were the only ones at the lodge, so we had a peaceful evening.



  1. Rita Akao says:

    Fantastic Gina!!! I love the photos.Hope you get to experience some Costa Rican food as well!

  2. Hi Gina…
    Your next book in the making!! Maybe you can just travel and write…that’d be fun!

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