Day two of our trip to Costa Rica, we woke up after a good night’s sleep to the sound of busses on the busy streets of San Jose. Because we still had more traveling ahead,  we bought some meat-filled pastries across the street and checked out early to head for the bus station.

Mick wanted to take a cab, but when we flagged one down, the cab driver, who spoke only Spanish, informed us that the bus was only six blocks away.

We bought our tickets and I almost forgot to take my change, but the man at the counter tapped on the window till I came back to get the coins. Mick and I definitely looked like tourists with our oversized backpacks and shorts.


Costa Ricans appear to never miss an opportunity for a sale, because there were guys selling potato chips, bottled water, and apples straight to the passengers on the bus.

Mick and I kept our bags with us on the bus because we had been warned that theft is common on the busses.


The bus ride revealed acre after acre of greenery and a few for sale signs. Once we arrived at our destination, we bought our ferry tickets and purchased  more pastries to tide us over. The ferry was surprisingly modern and air conditioned, and despite more warnings about theft on the ferries from our cab driver, the only threat I encountered was a four year old girl who kept smiling and pointing to me while saying something in Spanish that I couldn’t comprehend.

Once we arrived in Tambor, a cab driver took us to our hotel for only $40. The landscape in Tambor was way more lush than anywhere else we had seen, and we passed several cows that were lazily dining on grass. Even the fence posts were growing back into trees.

Once we got to our hotel, H&B Lodge and Restaurant, the attendant greeted me by name. And guess who else greeted us? A puppy! I think all hotels should have cute puppies to greet you.


The mother of the bride and some of our friends were dining at the lodge that evening, so we had good food and good company our second night in Costa Rica.


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